The Mindset

Productivity is a mindset. In my new book, 14 Steps To Better Productivity, I get into the details on fourteen different things you can do in your own life to increase your productivity. From goal setting to keeping a positive attitude, it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference in a person’s life. I hope you all pick up a copy of my new book, and to help make your decision a little bit easier this blog post will break down and describe the overarching themes and concepts discussed within. It’s my hope that a taste of what this book contains will help you realize that productivity is only fourteen steps away.

The first section of my book, chapters one to three, focuses on concepts centered on a person’s mindset. Like I said, productivity is a mindset, so getting the barriers to productivity out of your way is merely the first step to achieving it. These chapters break down a few common errors that people make and repeat, ultimately impeding their level of productivity. Some people obsess about one thing, others try to do too much. Without giving away the whole story, let me just say that having and maintaining the correct mindset for productivity is absolutely necessary to increasing efficiency in your day to day life.

Taking Actions

Moving on from mindset, in chapters four through seven I delve into ideas focused on a person’s actions. This is what most people think of when they think productivity, right? Ultimately it’s not at all incorrect to associate a high level of action with high levels of productivity. However, there are many exceptions. In these chapters I dive into a few of these issues, highlighting commons ways that people impede their productivity through their actions. For example, avoiding mistakes. Everyone does it. It doesn’t feel good to make mistakes, we all know that. But by purposefully avoiding any and all mistakes, many people are decimating their overall efficiency. Shake off the fear and get working, everyone makes mistakes!

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Good Habits

After dissecting the actions and inaction that affect a person’s productivity, it takes us to the self. Undoubtedly a center of productivity, or lack thereof, in many people’s minds. This is where your habits come into play. Most people don’t realize that the start of a productive mindset frequently lies in the little things that we do throughout the day. For instance, goal setting. Experts across the world agree that simply through setting goals and recording them somewhere concrete, merely writing them down in many cases, can lead to incredible increases in productivity. Many people believe simply writing out one’s goals leads to their achievement. While I don’t go that far, in chapters eight through twelve I discuss many of the little habits a person can build or avoid, to ultimately skyrocket their performance.

Goal Setting

In the final two chapters before the conclusion, I take a moment to speak with my readers about lifestyles and lifestyle goals. This is a key section. While productivity is absolutely a mindset, it is also a lifestyle. Throughout the book you will find tips and tricks to build a better, healthier lifestyle. This is on purpose. You see, establishing the foundations of a healthy and happy life is one of the greatest things a person can do for their own benefit. Think about the last time you went to work unhappy. How was your productivity? Probably pretty low. Then think back to the last really great day you had in the office. High levels of productivity, right? The final chapters of my book serve to tie the bow on the overall themes, helping to cement the idea of a productivity mindset.

Bonus: Free 90-Day Success Planner

In conclusion, I can’t forget to mention that all readers of this book on productivity will receive Free 90-Day Success Planner. This is just a little thank you from me, as well as being an invaluable tool for increasing anyone’s productivity. I encourage each and every one of you to buy my book, I would not lead you astray. The tips and tools yielded within this short book’s pages could very well make changes in your life and business. Don’t delay with positive changes!

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