One of the things I have been struggling with is “finding time” to get more stuff done in my own business. But the reality is that time in its own is not something we can create or find somewhere in the cave like a “treasure on the island.”

If you think, in fact, time is the only thing that is given out equally to each and everyone in the world and there is nothing else so evenly and fairly distributed as time. It’s not how much time you have, it’s what you do with the time that you have is what matters most.

There are so many time management techniques, courses, strategies out there but I think it’s just an illusion when we try managing our time. Since it’s evenly distributed so that everyone has the same amount, I think what we only could do is manage tasks within a 24-hour cycle given to us — not the time per se.

One of the many ways to do so is you can call it “to-do-list”, “agenda,” “planner” etc. However, what I found recently to work for me best in my business is a technique called “chunking.” Chunking is basically grouping information together into ideally sized pieces that can be used effectively to produce the result you want without stress or overwhelm.

It’s proven that a human brain learns better when a complex continuous lesson is broken into separate segments. The same applies to tasks, projects, and any undertakings in our life or business. When we embark on a new project, at first it seems daunting and massive to us and we get overwhelmed very quickly. As a result we start procrastinating. Because our brain tries to protect us from overwhelm and discomfort.

Having said that the examples of chunking in our daily lives are widespread. For example:

☎️ Phone numbers: [416] [123] [4567]

💳 Banking account information found at the bottom of your cheque: [Branch transit number] [Institution number] [Account number]

In business, method of chunking can be applied, for example, when tasked with a major project or assignment. This is where reverse engineering technique comes handy. Instead of coming up with the to-do-list think in reverse first. Decide in advance what results do you want to focus on. Say, you want to get X amount of sales by the end of this month / quarter / year, or you want to get X amount of clients by this date.

From here, reverse engineer and chunk your ultimate result into sections, time periods, and actions to be taken. And get you every single day to be focused on what it will take to get the end result.

When you do so, you don’t focus on finding extra time as I used to do and was never able to find it in my own business. Instead you focus on what is priority for you and stick to it.-

Ultimately it’s true when they say you can always make time for things that are worthwhile and priority in life…

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