LinkedIn Profile represents you and your personal brand on LinkedIn and not only. Your LinkedIn profile will likely be the first thing when people search for your name – so you want to make a great first impression. Don’t believe me? Go ahead to any search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo and type your name and see what comes up.

In this training I will give a very quick LinkedIn profile optimization checklist which you can download down below this video. 

A disclaimer before we move on. Your LinkedIn profile is NOT your resume especially when you are an entrepreneur and leverage this platform for your business growth. Keeping this in mind this profile optimization checklist is specifically designed for entrepreneurs ideally coaches, consultants and trainers. And, as prospects scan your profile, they should be able to understand exactly what you do, what you have to offer and how you are going to help them. In other words, LinkedIn profile is NOT about you, it’s about your prospects and eventually clients. 

Ok, let’s get started:


Use your full real name, leave the nicknames behind and do not include any icons, special characters or use solely upper or lower case.

Profile Picture

Did you know that having a professional-looking profile photo can increase profile views by 14x? This is one of the first things a prospect will see, so use a professional, smiling, approachable photo in the white or professional looking background.


The headline comes just underneath the profile picture, and with only 120 characters to spare it needs to be succinct and to the point. Use this space for attracting people you want and repelling those you don’t. Your refined marketing statement, highlighting your customers’ potential problems and your ability to solve them, goes here.


Use this space to talk to your ideal client by highlighting their pains, needs, and wants. Position yourself as someone who understands them and has a full capacity and willingness to help. Then you conclude this part with some call-to-actions such as:

  • DM for more info 
  • Book a call
  • Get my free resource

User Friendly URL

Claim your public profile URL (see beneath your photograph on your own LinkedIn profile) and include your name and a relevant keyword. 

linkedin profile


Make sure to complete all relevant current and past work positions. Add fried but clear description for each position. Use your target keyword in title and description, so you will be found when people search for your skills. 


Complete the education section by providing details about your school, degree, field of study, grade, activities, years attended, and a description.

Licenses and Certifications

Add any certificates or licenses you have by providing details about the institution, issue date, expiration date (if any), and years. You can also add a URL to the credential if available online. 

Skills & Endorsements

LinkedIn allows you to add up to 50 skills to your profile – make sure to use all 50 of them. It’s crucial to be strategic here and use the skills you want to be found for on LinkedIn. In other words, treat skills as keyword phrases to increase your ability to be found on the platform. 


Recommendations are the LinkedIn version of its social proof. Recommendations on your profile adds to your credibility. You can both receive and give recommendations. Treat them as your image and reputation on this platform. 


Here is the full list of examples that you can add as an accomplishment on your LinkedIn profile if available:

  • Publication
  • Patent
  • Course
  • Project
  • Honor & Award
  • Test Score
  • Language 
  • Organization 

Profile Completion

Ensure your profile is 100% complete and that you’ve completed all the sections as much as possible giving your prospects a better idea of how qualified you are. When someone searches on LinkedIn, the results favour profiles which are 100% complete. 

These are the main sections of your LinkedIn profile as of this recording and this was the quick optimization checklist you can start implementing right away to improve your visibility and findability on LinkedIn. You can download the resource in PDF format down below this video no opt-in is required.

Lastly, if we are not connected on LinkedIn, send me a connection request and let me know how this optimization checklist helped you to improve your profile. And, if you liked this training smash that like button, share the video and subscribe to our channel not to miss the next training on LinkedIn for business growth. 

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