What Is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint All About? 

I joined Knowledge Broker Blueprint (previously called Knowledge Business Blueprint) last year so I can show you first hand what this is all about…

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Quick Summary of Knowledge Broker Blueprint (2020)

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the first business course in its kind that teaches you how to extract your knowledge and expertise, share it with the world for impact and profit. 

Knowledge Broker Blueprint was designed by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi who together have combined over 60 years’ experience and knowledge in teaching how to create, fill, run and profit from virtual or in-person masterminds, workshops, and masterclasses. 

Knowledge Broker Blueprint business course encompasses the main pillars which are required to become a successful knowledge broker.

Pillar #1: The Mindset

This course starts by helping you develop an unbeatable mindset, which is a must for becoming successful and scaling your business. And, there’s no one better on the planet for human potential than Tony Robbins. He teaches how to build a culture of progress and avoid failure by crushing the beliefs that hold you back and unleashing the true power inside of you!

Pillar #2: The Knowledge Extraction

You have a potential to create more impact, more meaning, and more success with the influence and superpower most likely one that you may not even realize you have. At this phase course teaches you how to extract your superpower or someone else’s, discover the people who need you the most, then plan out exactly what you can teach others while at the same time giving you the secrets they have been using for many many years. 

Pillar #3: The Sharing

After you’ve built a powerful mindset and know your superpower, it is time to understand how you can find those people who need that information. In this section you will learn marketing and sales secrets from Dean Graziosi who has been called one of the greatest marketing minds of our time. After this section of the course you will walk away empowered with marketing insights and strategies knowing you can do this. 

Pillar #4: The Filling

You will learn strategies from Dean and his team how to fill your masterminds, workshops and events. You will learn how to master the main platforms and channels… from social media to running ads to podcasts to email marketing… and then copywriting secrets to tie it all together! You will learn the concept of “marketing wagon wheel” and how to find your first followers and fans so you can start fast with momentum.

Pillar #5: The Running

At this point you will understand the psychology of running a successful mastermind or event. There is a proven perfect mastermind formula that you will learn and will successfully be applying to positively impact lives and who are going to be in the room with you. You will fill the event or your mastermind with the right and qualified clients by using proven marketing techniques that you learned from the previous step. 

Pillar #6: The Reporter Of Others Knowledge

This is a turning point when the course becomes a true game changer. Even if you don’t have knowledge, expertise or skills to share but you have a passion to change your life then can become a reporter of others expertise. Upon graduation of the course you, as a matter of fact, become a commodity for experts all around the world. You will officially be a certified Knowledge Broker and Mastermind.com professional by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins through their gold standard ‘Knowledge Broker Blueprint’ program.

Frequently Asked Questions About Knowledge Broker Blueprint:

Who is KBB for?

The expert who has skills, knowledge and expertise to share with others and get paid for what they know, and now for what they do. In other words if you want to make an impact and leave a legacy by helping others achieve the next level of success and profit along the way – this is for you!

Will it work for me if I have no prior experience in business and I am not an expert in any field?

If you are NOT an expert at something, it still perfectly works! This course teaches you how to become a knowledge consultant or broker who partners with other experts and splits profits 50/50 by helping them run masterminds and workshops. 

And, this model can work for ANYBODY in ANY industry. 

How much can you make using the KBB method?

There is no set price for running masterminds or workshops but they can range from $100 to $20,000 per participant. It’s pretty much up to you to decide your price tag depending on where you are right now in your business and how much value you can provide. Some people charge $5,000 per mastermind other gurus like Tony Robbins charge $100K per year. 

How different is KBB from other similar courses?

I personally have not encountered any other course like KBB that teaches a business model which is a time and recession proof (read my blog post on what Knowledge Business and Knowledge Broker is). The course encompasses a full spectrum of marketing, sales, lead generation strategies and tactics teaching how to extract knowledge, package it up, market and sell it. 

Will KBB work in my country?

The program is proven to work worldwide, no matter where you live. In fact, the KBB method has been represented in 150 countries and has worked for over 4,000 niches and has impacted over 23,000 people worldwide within just 10 months!  

Check out and get my FREE bonuses, when you decide to invest in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 via my link. 


The Coveted Recording of My 1-on-1 Private Client Coaching Program

You get access to 11 videos, 16 hours of private coaching recordings where you will get hands-on knowledge about:

  • Niche Selection: How to select a niche of buyers and how to do a proper target market research. 
  • Offer Creation: How to create an irresistible offer, how to stack them in the funnel, how to package them. 
  • Funnel Building: How to architect and build a solid foundation for a successful funnel using Funnelology 101 principles.
  • Email Marketing & Automation: How to create a successful email follow up series and how to automate you email marketing using Active Campaign tool. 
  • Traffic Mastery: How to fill your funnel using different types of traffic using both free and paid methods.
  • Lead Generation: How to use social media right to generate sale qualified leads for your coaching and consulting business. 

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Digital Marketing Resource Vault

  • Traffic Firesale Video Course & 12 MacGyver Traffic Hacks 
  • Top Funnels Playbook
  • Funnels Maps
  • Email List Building & Relationship Guide
  • Marketing & Business Rolodex
  • 20 Proven Emails Swipe File
  • Ultimate Copywriting Suite
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Best Collection of CF Youtube Videos
  • Battle Tested and Market Proven Funnel


“14 Steps To Productivity: Boost Your Efficiency In Fourteen Easy Steps And Rejuvenate Your Life”

Get my published book for free. Retail price of $19.95 on Amazon.com. Let me know where to ship the book for free, and I’ll take care of the rest. 



90-Day Success Planner

This worksheet will help you efficiently plan your 90 days, identify needle movers, track your monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

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One Funnel Free Audit

Pick my brain and years of experience (plus tens of thousands of dollars in training and mentoring!) I’ll take one funnel of your choice from your business and I’ll do a free audit by reviewing entire funnel and making strategy recommendations. I’ll share the screen in our LIVE Zoom session and you get a chance to ask me any specific questions you have about your funnel. I’ll send you a recording of the Zoom call so you can listen to it as many times as you need! 

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Free Strategy Session Call

We get on a 45 minute discovery call. The purpose of this call is to better understand where you are in the business right now and where you want to be. On the call we’ll work together to break down and analyze your current situation on a 30,000 feet view and ways to achieve these goals. 

The conversation with me could potentially generate a measurable and worthwhile return for you.


My Personal Support and Guidance In a Closed FB Group

In addition to the access to the group where I share  top strategies and insights on online marketing, sales funnels, conversions, and automation, you will also get personal help and guidance while going through the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course for the next 6 weeks.



Free Gravity Funnels T-shirt

On top of everything, I’ll ship you a FREE “Powered by Gravity Funnels” T-shirt. Just pick your T-shirt size, let me know where to ship it and I’ll take care of the rest! 

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