I Help Students Get Their Target IELTS Band Score

…so they can reach their academic and career goals without struggling through ineffective study methods.

My Academic Journey…

Research-Driven Teaching and Empowering Students Worldwide.

Developing a Passion For Education While Exploring The World.

With 24 years in higher education and teaching, I’ve had quite an exciting journey as a teacher and educator.

My academic journey began as a Visiting Scholar in the School of Education at Syracuse University (SU), NY. There, I teamed up with some amazing scholars to dive into democratic education methods. This adventure led us to create a new Western-style writing-intensive curriculum…

In 2014, I earned my Master of Education degree (M.Ed.) from the University of Toronto, Ontario Institute For Studies in Education (OISE).

During this time, I had the exciting opportunity to work in a research team funded by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO), which culminated in the co-authorship of the publication, “The ‘Other’ University Teachers: Non-Full-Time Instructors at Ontario Universities” (2014).

Until recently I was actively engaged in the academic community volunteering for students as a mentor at Hart House to give back and support our scholarly environment.

The Skills & Competencies I’m Teaching

For Students Preparing For the IELTS (Academic & General) Exam

Reading Skills

Improve your reading skills. Understand complex texts effortlessly.

Writing Skills

Elevate your eloquent writing craft. Produce compelling essays and compositions.

Speaking Skills

Enhance your speaking confidence. Start speaking fluently, naturally, and confidently.

Listening Skills

Sharpen your listening skills. Comprened nuanced audio materials and conversations.

Get the Highest Band Score For Your IELTS Exam

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My Courses

Check out the courses I teach at IELTS Prep Academy:

My Certifications & Qualifications

Achievements certified by the following reputable institutions and organizations:

Knowledge Business Blueprint

Certified ‘Knowledge Broker’ and Mastermind.com professional by D. Graziosi and T. Robbins through their gold standard KBB Program. Licensed to run masterminds, masterclasses, and trainings.

School Of Continuing Studies

Certified through the Digital Marketing Management program by the Univerity of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Areas of expertise: performance marketing, sales funnels, conversion & optimization.

Premier TEFL

Certified IELTS Coach by the Premier TEFL Internationally Recognized Certificate authorizing to teach four key areas of the IELTS examination: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

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