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    Every week you’ll receive tips on how to sell more and profitably using a book in your business.


      Arthur Khoyetsyan is an entrepreneur, author and high-performance consultant who specializes in helping entrepreneurs get paid for what they know and not for what they do.

      Arthur is a certified Knowledge Broker and Mastermind.com professional by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins through their gold standard ‘Knowledge Business Blueprint’ program. He is licensed to help businesses run masterminds, masterclasses, and trainings.

      Certified through Digital Marketing Management program by University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, Arthur’s areas of expertise include but are not limited to digital marketing campaign planning, paid and organic search marketing, measurement and optimization.

      Over the last 8 years he has been working in digital marketing space helping clients, corporations and global retail companies with their online marketing and improving their growth and profitability.

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      About | Arthur Khoyetsyan


      Are You a Coach, Consultant, Expert, Author or a Service Business Owner Struggling To Attract Customers and Clients?

      If conventional marketing strategies stopped working and if you are constantly bumping your head on the growth ceiling not being able to get to the next level of your business, I can help you.

      I will teach how to attract your ideal customers in a short period of time without having to go through painful and complex digital marketing and technology learning curve on your own.

      To make sure I deliver the best results for my clients, I only work with businesses who are a good fit and qualify to work together.

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      “When I started my online wellness business, I thought I could do everything on my own. I struggled for almost a year with online marketing. That is when I took the plunge and began work with Arthur. In less than 2 months, Arthur helped me get my very first funnel up and running. He walked me through every step, answered all my questions, offered advice on funnel concepts, design, and copy.
      If I can offer one piece of advice to other entrepreneurs, stop wasting your time and spend the money on a proper marketing strategy. Arthur is a fantastic coach and will kick your ass in gear to get your marketing goals on track.

      Priscilla H., Creator of Pri Wellness

      I am Lilit Simonyan, the co-founder of the Live Your Potential (LYP) Women’s Leadership and Career Development Program. From early on, my business partner and I recognized the significant impact digital presence and social media marketing could have on our business development. We created a website and social media presence for our social venture and used various tools and techniques to engage audience. However, we were not sure whether we had the optimal approach and we knew we needed a more comprehensive plan for digital presence and marketing.

      Arthur gave us specific feedback on the work that was already done and created a comprehensive Digital Marketing Blueprint Strategies for the LYP highlighting various tools and strategies we could employ for effective digital marketing. Almost three years later, we still regularly consult the Blueprint Arthur created for references and ideas.

      Arthur was thorough and professional. He asked the right questions and listened to our needs. Thus, the solutions he offered were spot on and helped us immensely.

      I would highly recommend him for all your digital marketing needs.”

      Lilit S., Co-Founder of LYP

      After creating Nouricious I was faced with dilemma of going after customers who will buy our products here and there or target repeat customers who will sign up for our monthly membership packages.

      Arthur helped us narrow down a niche, come up with our unique value proposition, fine-tune our message so we can speak directly to our dream customers. He strategized the whole online marketing infrastructure for Nouricious. As a result of building sales funnels and the backend of the product launch funnel we were able to increase ROI by almost 25% in 3 months of working with him. Arthur knows his stuff and he is for sure a “go-to-person” when it comes down to sales funnels, automation and marketing overall!”

      Ann S., Founder of Nouricious




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